24 February 2010

Back To Hometown Part 4

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My hometown... has a lot of unforgettable memories that I had gone through over the years. I'm very happy that I had came from a wonderful place that is called a home. From friends to family, I miss you guys very much.


Read through the whole story about my last class gathering before we split.

The gathering is held at Mum's Cafe, Simpang Kuala, Alor Setar.

A glass of Carrot Milk

First of all, our organiser, Chih Jun has invited me through Facebook that he will hold a gathering at the place. I came at about 8pm. When I reached there, I see no one. I thought that the organiser has abandoned the gathering, so I quickly called him to make sure he is really doing so. *Maybe I was fooled by internet scam. Not really because they are my real friends in real life.*

And where is he? I saw him walking towards me from the other side of the shoplots together with my ex-classmates. A few turned up by that time. However, my organiser is left worried about his invitation to the other classmates. He feared that some of them might not be able to attend the gathering. Just don't be feeling down lah. You have done a great job gathering our friends around. Cheers!!

Ms. Yong!!!

Ms. Yong, Qiu Yu and Hui Qi

While waiting for others to come, we have ordered some drinks. And I have ordered a glass of Carrot Milk, which costs me RM2.50. I had nothing to chat by then, so I just snap some pictures here.

Is she looking through the glass?

Sprite! Feels refreshing! It's a thirst quencher!

What did I see?

By that time, Cheng Yang was sitting by the side snapping some pictures of me. What the hell? He uses his newly bought Nikon D5000 from KL. Once I saw him playing with it, I get attracted to it. I get to borrow the camera from him, and use it to snap nice pictures using his camera. It was really cool to snap beautiful pictures around, and I was immediately addicted to it. Wawawawa!!!
Look here!

Camera geek! HAHA!

The time is 9pm and we were hungry. We ordered food to eat of course.
Someone ordered fried rice. Or should I say "sambai fly lice"?

And I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara.

 Whatcoo lookin' at? I'm sipping here... xD *enjoying-lah!*

After that, it's time for photo session! Yeah! Some camera shy dare not wanted to be snapped. Haiz! I was just disappointed because I have to get their permission to take photos. 

1... 2... Smile! xD

Group photograph without me arr? T__T

Chia Fang and me

Le Wang and Chih Jun

Me and Chih Jun

Kuan Lih and me

Me and Yi Jia

3 beautiful ladies... :-)

Wachaaaa~~~~! Kung Fu!

Qiu Yu and CJ

Jian Cheng and Qiu Yu
Dubbed as sweet couple, jeng jeng jeng!!! Nope, it was fake. Too bad.
Qiu Yu kena fooled in MSN! LOL

Ini baru betul-betul sweet couple. :-)
Jiaco and Siao Rou

Siao Rou - DSLR camera quality! Woo! Leng Lui!!!

 Tauke Kai En

 Yew Ying(mid): xD!

Before we leave, we had to settle the bills. I only paid for a price of my carrot milk. And what about my Spaghetti Carbonara? Well, there is a person who belanja us eat too. But he had left earlier. Thanks to Justin Yong!

 Kheng money! Gimme some!

We didn't split yet. So we went for another round of Double Plate at Gemilang Burger which is located at Jalan Pegawai, just opposite Rumah Kelahiran Dr. Mahathir. Hungry again, so I had ordered a Special Chicken Burger and Teh 'O' Ais. I was tired to snap pictures there. So I chat together with them until we had a call from home. Before we leave, we said to each other "Goodbye and take care everyone!"

So that how is the story ends. My hometown, my life!


  1. I thing it is good to be back to your hometown right? Where you can meet all your friends. :D

  2. @tekkaus: Yes! Of course... I love my hometown and I also miss my friends too. :)