20 February 2010

Back To Hometown Part 3

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You may never know how hard it was to leave your hometown behind with some wonderful memories together with friends. I am feeling grateful that I can meet my old friends here in Alor Setar, however we are being separated for continuing our studies in respective colleges. Maybe we should gather again in the near future. Friendship never dies. I will miss you guys! Please don't forget me ya! The gathering story continues on the next part.

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My Hometown... is the best town to live in my life.

The story continues:

Yesterday morning, when I was driving to my friend's house, what I saw is the black smoke coming from the paddy field just a distance away from my residence. Wah! Fire burning on the paddy field! *I thought it was "Fire Burning On The Dancefloor"! Haha!*

I am really busy "Kepo" taking these pictures. Why not? I am free to take any pictures mah! Haha!

But hey, I'm serious here! These pictures shows that the drought is really serious. The weather is really hot until I can feel the heat. *sweat!!!* The newspapers also posted some issues about water shortage in various places. Rivers and dams are all dried up. OMG! Very hot indeed. A dry paddy field + very hot weather (let's say 38 degrees) = Fire!

A group of firefighter from Kuala Kedah *Wah! Come all the way from there wor! Quite far man!* came to rescue the paddy field to avoid spreading the fire to the neighbouring houses. After that, I don't know how they managed to put off the fire because I had left the scene early. Cool! The first time being a journalist gives me a chance to get experiences. Not bad, right? But I was wondering where is my allowances? Haha! Just kidding. I'm just a normal student who earns no money at all.

Here are the scenes of the fire burning paddy field:

*I thought the boys are peeing brown water. LOL!*

All the pictures that I had captured from far side. Sadly I can't go closer because the smoke is really thick. Just imagine how worst is the fire had cause the land to be burnt. Now that the global warming has been an issue for our world and something has to be done to save our planet. Help save global warming!


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Gathering at Mum's Cafe, Alor Setar. A lot of people from our class has gathered except a few people who put aeroplanes (means the people who agreed to come but did not attend). But hey, I still get to enjoy this gathering moment with all of you guys here.

And plus, I have the chance to hold my dream Nikon DSLR camera! It was really fun to snap pictures with it.

To be continued...


  1. You actually snapped these scenes? So is it really bad? :(

  2. @tekkaus: yes... but the fire is not that big also... not really bad lah...