17 February 2010

Back To Hometown Part 1

Home Sweet Home! *sleeping... zzzz!*

Uhm! I had stopped blogging for few days due to some unavoidable reasons. So here I'm back blogging for more! I wish Gong Xi Fa Cai to my fellow bloggers and friends, and also my family too.

It's CNY! Yeah~~~! I'm happy to be back at my hometown. I really miss my home very much. My room, my trophies and of course, my bolster too. xD

Once I arrived home, our family went to steamboat and barbeque. Looks yummy isn't it? The price are quite reasonable too.

After we had our dinner, we went to Pekan Cina, which the place are historical buildings which is built for over 200 years old. We visited there for CNY night market. The place are jam packed with lots of cars and also people walking around the night market. By that time we went there is around 11pm.

My parents bought some fruits for praying. Ahh... I was a little bit confused about which is "Ti Kueh" and which is "Huat Kueh". I see that orange-brown kuih thing, then I thought that is "Huat Kueh". I don't recognise them all. *tsk tsk*

At first, I didn't know how the building is built long time ago, but then I had read the stories about the history of Alor Setar through my worst subject ever, Sejarah. Haha! Anyway, I had now understand my hometown better. Yeah! Feels good to be home baby! 

Crowded Pekan Melayu

Pekan Cina CNY Night Market

Well, I'm kinda sleepy when I reached home. All I can do now is having a good night sleep for the moment.

Nightzzz...! :-)


  1. You guys had your steamboat at? :p

    Wow...the pekan melayu is indeed very crowded.

  2. haha ! cny got THAT sien or not whor ?

  3. @tekkaus: G Give Cafe, next to Keat Hwa High School. Yup... Pekan Cina really crowded!

    @shuwen: Maybe, I guess I am happy that I have friends to chat with.

  4. where is ur hometown? pekan cina?

    nanged u. nang this to read comparison between maxis and celcom broadband!

  5. @IyouweBlog.com: nope... just outside pekan cina... I don't live there because there are shophouses.