25 February 2010

Photoshoot Mania

Just before I leave Alor Setar, I was bored by that time and went around for photoshooting using my mum's Nikon Coolpix S8. But now I am so attracted to the people who are holding their DSLR camera.  *Waa! I was so eager to have one right now!* I will save more money to buy my own brand new camera soon. Just be patient. The time will come!

But before that...

I had an evil look while aiming a shot. 

I went for snooker together with my bro. We played a game, and who wins in the end? I'm the proud winner since I have potted more balls than my bro. Haha! You lose, bro! *Just joking! I am a snooker noob, so please don't bully me, ok?*

Performing a "Close one eye" shot!

With the help of "X", I shall knock you down.

There is a place called Tai Kuan Laksa, located in Simpang Kuala. Why Tai Kuan Laksa is locally famous? 
Well, I don't really know much about the history. What I thought is that, the laksa itself is really famous in Alor Setar. The name for Tai Kuan (大观) comes from the old cinema building which has been abandoned long time ago, and the laksa stall is placed just in front of the building. This must be true I guess.

Crowded people at Tai Kuan Laksa

And the rest of my photos that I have taken, please comment all of them! Thanks.

Beautiful clouds




This cat is cute, but too bad it is a stray cat. I wish I could take care of it. 
 And what is this about?

 Oh I see. I had just opened a mahjong set that has been kept for years already.


  1. War...the mahjong sets does look as if someone hasn't been playing with it for ages. :p

  2. @tekkaus: yep! I just opened this treasure just for playing the mahjong. :)