23 February 2010

6 Interesting Landmarks in Tangier to Attract Tourists

Some interesting Tangier landmarks that are worth exploring are the Dar-el-Makhzen, Café Hafa, Fondation Lorin, Grand Socco, Hotel Continental, and the Gran Teatro Cervantes.

Tangier is located northern of Morocco. It is an important port city. Its rich history makes it a great place for tourists. Many cultures and civilizations had left its mark in this place. It was also considered as a refuge for lots of cultural diversities during the time between it was still a Phoenician town and the era of its independence. Finding an apartment in Tangier is not difficult to find because the city is now being developed and modernized with seaside 5-star hotels,  a soccer stadium and even a new airport. Check out its diverse landmarks.


Dar-el-Makhzen is the palace for the Sultans of Morocco. It is somewhat the equivalent of the White House. This grand residence has two museums within its premises: the Museum of Moroccan Arts and the Museum of Antiquities. The museums contain discovered artifacts from ancient Roman sites such as Volubilis, Cotta and Lixus. You can also see here Morocco’s art works like carpets, silk and manuscripts. There is also Carthaginian tomb which is life-size and in this palace, you can find the Bital el-Mal treasury. This is noted for its wonderfully painted ceiling and coffers from the 18th century.

Café Hafa

Café Hafa is well-known for its magnificent view. It is seated at a cliff top and here, you can enjoy the wide oceanic view of the Bay of Tangier. Since 1921, its style of décor has never been changed and this is also a café where famous writers and singers had spent their time. A few of them are The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Their mint tea is their specialty which is of a Tangier brew.

Fondation Lorin

This building is a place of arts and history. It is within an ancient synagogue and has displays of history of Tangier. They are showed through local papers, plans, photographs and posters all depicting the musical, political, social and sporting history of this port city. It also houses a few exhibitions and contemporary paintings.

Grand Socco

The Grand Socco means Big Square and this is the heart of the city. It is a very active place for nightlife and is characterized by rows and rows of local vendors selling cheap spices, fruits and other goods. The market is pretty much described as colorful that even the female peasant vendors wear striped foutas and wide-brimmed hats made of straw.

Hotel Continental

The Hotel Continental is one of the timely hotels in the bustling city of Tangier, Morocco that is still running until now. It is situated in the city centre. They also have rooms with captivating views of the harbor and the blue seas.

Gran Teatro Cervantes

This building has been standing since 1913 and has presented many theatrical programs. Gran Teatro Cervantes is built with the dedication for Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra who was a Spanish poet, novelist and playwright. This theatre was one of the most highly-respected and known in North Africa. Famous singers and dancers performed in its stage. The restoration of Gran Teatro Cervantes was delayed because of the disputes of the Spanish state against the city officials of Tangier.

Tangier is fascinating from its culture to their people. Why not travel their unspoiled beaches and landmarks with a friendly companion and maybe with a Tangier tourist guide so you can learn more about the North American culture and tradition.

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