30 April 2007

2 Simple Ways to Calculate Dominant Planets in Your Birth Chart

For you to know the dominant planets in your birth chart, you need to learn first which planet rules the different signs of the zodiac.  Next, see whether this planet is found at the sign it rules.

It is said that planets have the strongest influence in your life when it is in the sign it rules.  Here are two easy steps to calculate which planets are dominant in your birth chart:

Know which planets rule each sign

Before anything else, you need to learn which of the planets rule each sign of the zodiac.  This is said to be the planet's home, within which their energy is stronger and more concentrated.  This is apparently done symmetrically by Greek astrologers, with each planet ruling two signs each, except for the sun and the moon.  Modern astrologers, however, have added and assigned newer planets as rulers over other signs. Here's list of the planets with their corresponding home signs:

  • Sun - Leo
  • Moon- Cancer
  • Mercury - Gemini and Virgo
  • Venus - Libra and Taurus
  • Mars - Aries (and Scorpio)
  • Jupiter - Sagittarius (and Pisces)
  • Saturn - Capricorn (and Aquarius)
  • Uranus - Aquarius
  • Neptune - Pisces
  • Pluto - Scorpio

Zodiac signs in parenthesis are the signs previously assigned by earlier astrologers to be homes of certain planets. Some astrologers still prefer to use this 'rulership' to interpret people's birth charts.

See if any planet is in its home sign

Once you know the planetary rulers of each sign, see if any of these planets fall in its home.  This is now what we call dominant planets.  You can have many dominant planets in your birth as depicted by your different and utter personal characteristics.  This can help explain your behavior, as well as attitude towards certain situations and events.  For example, if you find planet Mercury in the Gemini sign, it is said to be dominant.  Since Mercury deals with your mental aspect, you tend to be very logical and confident in all forms of communication.  You will be able to communicate effectively and analyze situations quickly.

As dominant planets reflect heightened energy and traits, you can make use of this opportunity to start new things or make things better.  Be careful and be wise , though, of certain negative traits that are strengthened at this point in your birth chart.  Let Astrology guide you, but not compel you to do things.  The way you live your life is not something the forces of the nature can control, but rather a decision that is still yours to make.

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