18 February 2010

Back To Hometown Part 2

While I was on my way back from Penang, I was thinking about how should I celebrate CNY at my hometown. Well, I have some plans to celebrate here, but there are some things that doesn't go well. So I should not worry too much about it. Just be happy and just enjoy every moment in your life bro!

The story continues...

Please don't stare at me like that! Haha! My hair is long since I went to cut my hair a month ago. I have not much time to go for hair salon since I got test with. This is the picture with my "jungle boy" look.


I went to hair salon and... *sigh* There are a lot of people queueing in the shop. I don't mind waiting since I don't have anything else to do. I had waited for 2 and half hours for my hair to be restyled. I'm kinda sleepy while waiting for my turn. The shop owner is busily trimming his customer's hair. He is very kind too. No wonder he has a lot of customers wanted him to cut their hair. His business really good on the eve of CNY.

Finally, I get to have my own hair style.

After *Looks great*

When I was at home after trimming my hair, my bro came down and take a look at my hair. He then says my hair is like a chicken. What did you mean by that? WTH~~~ That's the thing my bro likes to joke at me. LoL! 

After that, I went to Uno Cafe, which is located in first floor of Alor Star Mall complex. I was shocked to see that the cafe is almost full house. The service side is busily serving their customers. I was an ex-staff of the cafe, working part time there few years back. The waiter is quite friendly too. The food is good, and the price is also reasonable.I sat down and ordered a plate of Black Pepper Chicken Chop and a glass of Coke. I had never came back to eat here since I was away to Penang.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

The Chicken Chop taste quite good. But when I taste the black pepper, I felt that it has no taste to me. Weird isn't it? Overall, I had eaten the whole plate and it was quite satisfying.

Alor Setar is my hometown. I am greatly happy to be in my home. I can meet my friends here during CNY break. We came along and chat together about how is their life in outstation and so much more. I feel more happy to stay here longer, and I don't feel like going back Penang to study. But anyway I have to go study for my future. This is only a lifetime chance to get things better.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


  1. War...new hair style now very handsome lor. :)