06 October 2010

Voila! iPhone 4 is MINE!

Have you got your own iPhone 4 recently? IF yes, you should be the one who are the proud owner of Apple products. So far I have submitted my blog post for iPhone 4 giveaway by Digi, and overall I was satisfied to be a part of the contestant who wants that only iPhone 4 to be giving out by Digi. Until now there is still no news about the results yet, I'll just sit back and wait for the outcome.

You can check out all my iPhone 4 blog posts that were submitted by me here! :D

Speaking about iPhone 4, this has been a talk of the town since the release few weeks ago. Not just the iPhone, the 4th generation iPod Touch has arrived in Malaysia and I have a friend who almost misses his precious iPod which he had already planned on buying. Luckily the 32GB iPod Touch is the last to be sold out to my friend as we reached Switch Queensbay around 5pm. Phew~~~! If not he will just have to wait for another 2 weeks for the iPod stocks to be available.

Hey, you know what? This iPod Touch was really cool to play. It is really slim compared to the previous generations, real SLIM! Of course!

The troublesome part is he has to download iTunes on his computer in order to sync the files on his iPod. At first, he had difficulties on syncing the photos to his iPod. So he asks me how to solve this problem. What I can do? Although I was the one of the Apple's fan, but it turns out that I was not the one to be the iPod user at all. Why? I was too 'qualified' to be an Apple's specialist. Haha~~! Don't tell me I am a paid specialist, even if you asked me anything about iPod then I would just answer "Huh?" or "Uhm..." *lasted for minutes*

I yearned to get this, but now I can't really afford to own one since I just bought Nokia C6 phone few months back. It's now become ordinary for people to have an Apple product, not just for the rich ones only. After I found the money, I will surely get this one for my own too. Hmm... let's see how much I got now. *counting*

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