27 September 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Now we know that our Uncle Steve has shown this power of iPhone creation, so how do we get that iPhone from him? You see, everyone has already set their own mind to get their own iPhones as soon as possible, but how are you going to settle our monetary problems? As we all know, there are many choices for you to choose in the DiGi iPhone plan.

Image taken from http://www.digi.com.my/iphone/getone_want_iphone.html

Anywhere you see in the media, most of the time you'll see RM58/month iPhone subscription. Wow! That's looks really affordable for everyone. My favourite part for this plan is, in the first two years after you have subscribed the RM58/month plan, you eventually saved RM720. Unbelievable! Let me show you how to calculate the savings you will get.

It's easy! Using my very own CASIO scientific calculator (non-iPhone application), just take the original price of RM88 minus the current promotion price of RM58 multiply by 24 months, the answer is RM720! Yes! For this plan, I also get free monthly usage of 200 minutes of talktime, 200 SMSes, 20 MMSes and 1GB internet quota. On top of that, after exceeding internet usage limit, I still get to surf for free with no extra charges, but however I get slower EDGE speed. That doesn't matter for me anyway. 

Since my whole family has been loyal to DiGi, I get FREE calls, SMS and MMS with DG Family™ lines. With DiGi, my life will always being the perfect choice that I have made, uhm actually it's my dad's choice also. 

iWant iPhone iLike iPlan

Now this iPhone is in my hands! Hehe! And of course it's not mine... :-)

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