28 September 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Looking for an iPhone 4 lately? 

Here it is! Uncle Steve is holding it now.

Can't see what is he holding? Look closer...!!!

He has been smiling these days while playing with his toy creation in his own office! I'm really jealous that he gets to play for free. I hope that he can share some with me, or that iPhone will be my best gift. Too bad for me. Hooray to Steve Jobs! Now we have the latest iPhone 4 which have been start the sale this week. Apple iPhone 4, the most advanced phone ever known since the 3G version came into the world's spotlight. However, this iPhone 4 is cheaper than previous 3GS. They are available in Black or White colour, 16GB or 32GB memory capacity.

Looking at the beautifully designed phone, for me it is very unique. I would like to own one as soon as I got my first pay cheque. But for that to be happen, I just need to wait in few years time. There are many reasons why I have always wanted an iPhone 4 from DiGi. Like DiGi said in the ads, "Always The Smarter Choice", I am now a proud DiGi user subscribing postpaid plan. Every month I used I only pay for certain fixed price, but I wonder why I can't go beyond the limit even though I had make phone calls to other mobile operators for hours! That's impressive for me!

If I were given the chance to have an iPhone 4 subscribing DiGi lines, I would love to have everything that I have wanted including Facebook, Twitter, music player, games, videos and many more. Previously, I have tried using my friend's iPhone 3GS to play games and I immediately get addicted to it. But before that, I must 'kill' this Dark Vader before the iPhone could reach into his hands. Or else, he would simply hold it in the air and destroyed it using laser blade. "Bwahahaha!", Dark Vader laughed evilly.

As my personality concerns, I am really interested in getting one iPhone. Why? Because while I was away, I could not stop thinking about Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, my laptop is always bulky and heavy to carry around, so why not iPhone 4 by DiGi can solve my everyday problems. Hence, I will probably just ask this Dark Vader fella to 'destroy' my laptop as my weight killer. Haha! Whoops, speaking about Dark Vader, I almost forgot about the yellow man. That guy could be my live saver if he can personally bring me an iPhone 4 to my doorstep without blowing away my laptop.

I just wanted this simply because this is my stylish-looking phone! 

I would like to beg DiGi for giving me a chance to have your only iPhone 4 that you will be giving away. That's all? One only? That phone should be mine by now! xD

DiGi, I am ALWAYS and WILL BE your smartest perfect choice!

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