26 September 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Previously on DiGi iPhone 4 Me, Uncle Steve have been toying around with his new iPhone 4, and since then I have been very interested to get an iPhone 4 by now. Hmm... by the way in addition to Uncle Steve's iPhone 4 creation, he now has taken it to the next level.

App Store, the place where I can download any types of applications such as games, studies, work, remote control and anything for your iPhone. Without them, my iPhone will be pretty much of becoming a dumbphone. Yea seriously no offence! But I still haven't got the idea how is this iPhone could be fully utilised. Be reminded that this iPhone is not just only for making phone calls and internet.

Usually, I borrow from my friend's iPhone just to play games and other stuffs, and I have tested out a few of them. Here's what I have tried:

#1: Plants vs Zombies iPhone version

Developed by Pop Cap games, whom have also created the famed Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, the objective of this game is to prevent a mob of funny zombies from invading your home. To do so, I will need the plants as your weapons to clear away a wave of weak, or much stronger zombies attacking towards your home. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie-killer plants against 26 types of zombies to defend your home. Can you survive it all?

If you still can't, then I would love to challenge you to play Endless Survival mode, where you can try to defend as long as possible by earning flags. This game mode has no limit and never reach to the end until you finally give up or one of the zombies have been successfully entered your home and eat your brain. Woohoo! I am just not good enough to survive, because you need some strategy to tackle away the zombies to gain even more flags.

#2: Paper Toss

Tired of working in the office, but you did not have any Kit Kat in your pocket to take a break? Easy! Just take out your unwanted paper, sqeeze it and toss it into paper bin. It's the simplest game to play, but still harder with the winds. I found this game quite enjoyable and the highest score that I tossed in is 10. Not so bad huh?

#3: Bejeweled Blitz iPhone version

Unlike PC version, you play this game easily with of your finger by matching 3 or more gems with the same colour. This game is one of the most popular game that I should consider whenever I have my iPhone with me. I can also compete high scores with other friends on Facebook too. Let's see how high is your score within one minute time.

Between these 3 apps, I would go for the Paper Toss game as my all time favourite app because this game is really fun to play, besides I still got negative comments on this game whereby my aim is just toss the paper into the bin. That's true! But I really do not care about that either, somehow this game can effectively kill my boring times away.

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