21 February 2010

Visit Penang... Again!

Tired of my "Back To Hometown" stories? OK, just take a lil' break cuz I had to wait some photos from my friend who snaps using DSLR camera which I had requested on the day of my gathering~~~ so I'm just a little worried that my readers would stop coming back from checking out my hot stories. Hehe! I will be continuing the story soon.


Alah! Penang lagi...! I'm sure most of you went to Penang before. Everyday I stayed in Penang is just same as my hometown. But I can be sure that the food has a lot more variety than Alor Setar. The food heavens will be most likely enjoying their food til they drop. Haha.

 *style terbaru!*

First, check out this Goddess of Mercy Temple, located in Jalan Masjid Kapitan Kelang, Georgetown. I went there together with my mum and my bro. 

Crowded people at Goddess Of Mercy Temple

We went there to pray. During the first day of Chinese New Year, the temple is really crowded. And... ugh!!! My eyes are hurt by the smoke that came from the burned joss stick. Since there are a lot of people who holds joss sticks, a lot of smoke makes my eyes suffering. It was something like being hurt by a tear gas. Woo~~~! I really can't stand the pain and started to drop my tears. I suggest you to bring eye goggles to protect your eyes. My spectacles can't resist the smoke at all since it does not block the smoke coming into my eyes.

View at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling

To get there, you can refer to Google Map here. You can travel there by car, or by RapidPenang bus. I never tried to sit bus to there before, but what I understand is that you have to drop by Chulia Street and take a walking distance to the temple. Travelling by car is recommended.

Map to Goddess Of Mercy Temple

Next stop? Wat Chaiyamangalaran, or more commonly known as the Sleeping Buddha Temple. Located in Burma Lane, this temple is quite famous for the tourists. Why? There is a huge Sleeping Buddha statue inside the temple. Wow, quite huge isn't it? Here's the photos that I had snapped. Check it out!




To get there, go via Jalan Kelawei and turn into Burma Lane which is a one way street. It's easy to spot the temple along the road there. Opposite the Sleeping Buddha temple is the Burmese temple. You should go and pay a visit too.
  Map to Wat Chaiyamangalaran

Where to next? Back to Rainbow Cafe this time. Situated in Tanjung Bungah Hillside, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, this place gives quality food at cafe price. Why here? I forget to mention that all the food price on the menu is for special CNY pricing. The special menu is for a limited time only.

First is the Pesto Chicken. Spaghetti mixed with pesto sauce and chicken meat together with veges. Looks great to me.

Pesto Chicken 

Next is the Pepper Ostrich. Well-cooked ostrich mixed with pepper sauce together with seasonal vegetables. Well, this makes me feel hungrier now.

 Pepper Ostrich

 Grilled Spicy Sole Fish is on my next list. Sole fish is then grilled with the spices sauce on top. It is then served with rice, side servings and seasonal veges. Getting more and more hungrier now.

 Grilled Spicy Sole Fish

Last but not least, the moment you have been waiting for. It's the Rainbow's Fish N Chips. The fish is deep fried and served with French fries. And not to forget tartar sauce and thousand island too.

 Rainbow's Fish N Chips

I was bored by that time after dinner at the place, so I snapped some pictures along. Here it goes:

Meow~~~ Money money come come!

*Piuuu~~~ BAM!* Nice shot there.

Honda S2000, one of my favourite car.
That's all for now. I hope you enjoy viewing my post that I wrote. And I would like to wish you guys a Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Woohoo~~~!



  1. It's such a long time since I last visit to the temple. :)

  2. wow, the pesto pasta looks way ace!! next time i go penang must find out where this rainbow cafe is :D

  3. i wanna go penang again, to eat their chendol! =D


  4. oh! the Burmah Rd temple,always can't find it.

  5. @tekkaus: I see... :)
    @conan_cat: Come and have a try when you arrive in Penang. :)

    @kenwooi: Haha! Tell me when you come here! xD

    @thomas: Is it you lost in Penang?