19 February 2010

5 Tips for Giving Exceptional Corporate Gifts

When you want to give a corporate gift that leaves a lasting impression, follow these simple tips: know your company, find out if colleagues are also giving corporate gifts to your shared associates, familiarize yourself with your customer’s company, know your client, and understand your gift supplier’s products and service qualities.

Sometimes professionals give business gifts to thank their customers for previous transactions or to strengthen relationship with a client. Other times business gifts are given to promote continued patronage. No matter your reason for giving one, you want to make sure your gifts are impressive and memorable. To do that, look for quality gifts that express your genuine appreciation for the business relationship. Consider the following when making your selection:

Know your company

Before purchasing business gifts, make sure you understand your company's business gift policy is, if any. You will also want to know if you must adhere to specific budget guidelines. You do not want to exceed corporate spending limits! it is also very important to know if you have specific vendors and suppliers you must use. Follow all corporate guidelines so you do not find yourself in a sticky business situation.

Find out if colleagues are giving corporate gifts to shared associates

If you have peers who are distributing gifts to customers who happen to be on your list, make sure your gifts are not duplicates but rather complement each other. Perhaps both of you can come up with just one bigger and better gift. when you know if others in your company are sending gifts to your shared customer associates, try to make both gifts appropriate and equal in value.

Familiarize yourself with your customer’s company

It is very important to find out first if your client's company will allow their staff to receive business gifts. If they do, see if they impose any limitations. Be sure to abide with the company’s policy when it comes to business gifts. It will be rather embarrassing for both of you if your client is unable to accept your gift.

Know your client's likes and dislikes

To give your client the best and most appropriate corporate gifts it is helpful to know his interests. What does he loves to do in his free time away from the office? If you have given him gifts before, think about the ones he really liked and appreciated. If you aren't sure, see which ones he displays in his office. Consider whether or not he would like his gifts delivered at home or at his workplace.

Know your supplier’s products and service qualities

Among the many gift suppliers, distinguish which ones are the best with regards to various product types. Look for the ones who offer the best prices and provide excellent quality. Consider the ones who can promptly deliver your orders. Suppliers with whom you have cultivated a good relationship will surely offer suitable gift ideas and speedily process orders, since they know you, your company, and your expectations very well.

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