03 April 2011

5am McD Breakfast Experience (Free Big Breakfast Edition)

Early in the morning, I rarely woke myself up at that time. This was one of my few times that I woke up that early, other than travelling and uhm... to the toilet? *True for some occasion*

A week ago, I saw a poster of an egg yolk "pop-ed" out, looking from top to bottom, then something tempting wrote on the poster, "FREE 2 BIG BREAKFAST". This is something you won't be able to get from McD all the time, and it's truly and absolutely FREE! Where else can you get this kind of stuffs? Was Uncle Kentucky kind enough to give free meals? Nehh...!

I woke my friends up (as we had already agreed to visit McD earlier), getting ourselves ready and head over to Sunshine Square, Bayan Baru just for that breakfast. Upon our arrival... look at that crowd!

4am 5am breakfast is never been the same again. Just ended recently last month, McDonald's have given away free 2 Big Breakfast coupons with a minimum purchase of RM5. It's was a real big hit for customers who wanted free breakfast with just only fork out few bucks to enjoy. The coupon can be easily found from cutouts of A4's with or without colour, original colour, newspapers etc, but most of them got their coupons as many as possible for that breakfast purchase. However, there's a chaos whereby you need to be patiently wait for hours just to get that free breakfast. It's normal for everyone to suffer a long queue, but sometimes it's extreme due to some factors that caused:

Number one and the most dissatisfied ever: POTONG CUT QUEUE!
Take a look at this picture below.

The lady in blue shirt (middle picture) simply taking an advantage by jumping into queue while the early comers did not take any action against her. I waited for 1 and half hour to get my food while you came later than me and took an hour to get your food!?? This is just unfair! I'm too hungry for that breakfast, but can't you wait in line also? 30 mins difference is damn long! Meanwhile her daughter, who was queuing up by few people behind me, "celebrated and delightedly" walk to the counter and help her mom out.

  The daughter and the mom

You guys are too generous, and you should not be too nice to them if they want to jump in just to rushing into getting one freaking breakfast, or late for school, work, miss the bus, children crying out loud etc. Get them into the line, or give them a "HOT" lesson if they ignore you. I'll just pass on this issue. FULL STOP.

Too many coupons, too many big breakfast.

This is the case where you don't exactly follow the terms and conditions properly. One coupon per transaction per customer! That means you can buy more with lots of coupons with you, and you just pay for the free breakfast. Let's say you got 3 coupons with you, you use one coupon and pay minimum amount of RM5. Then for the next coupon, just repeat the steps, use and pay. As you know the situation whereby one person alone may buy more than just a single coupon. This also affecting the long queue wait too.

I have witnessed a woman bought 8 sets of free breakfast, and of course she got help from his peers to carry the breakfast for her. McD should set a limit per customer to get the free breakfast. With this rule, this could be fair for everyone.

Only one counter is opened:

How could they possibly serve all the customers with long queue when only a counter is opened? Not to mention the production of the breakfast meal was quite fast, but why not open 2 counters? You know, I know most of the people hate to wait.

So near yet so far, still left these bunch of people waiting for their turn. Finally it's my turn to order all 3 sets of free breakfast with Apple Pie and coffee. Initially I saw there's 3 Apple Pie left at the counter, and I thought that 3 is going to be mine. However, before I leave, I checked through all the 3 sets assuming that the Apple Pie has already placed inside the bag. Once I reached home, I just realised that I forgot to wait for Apple Pie, because my friend have heard from the cashier to wait for 7 minutes for Apple Pie to be ready. I was shocked! Smacked into the face, bang myself into the wall. FML! I lost RM6 just for that 3 Apple Pie.

Last but not least, whenever I think about coffee, I forgot sugar. My dad said, "No sugar no worries! Pure coffee is ok good!" I also don't mind drinking it without sugar, but still it taste... UGHH!! PERGHH!!

What a day to conclude my early morning experience at McD. I got to admit that I do always yawn all the time, feeling sleepy during the wait, nevertheless it was a great day to start breakfast with McD. No wonder this place is the Malaysian's most favourite restaurant of all time, even in the whole world too.

Uhm... Not really a great day for me because believe it or not, I ate 4 sets of the breakfast meal for a whole day! Seriously!

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  1. War....damn good ar MacDonald? They can make us feel as if their food is so good that we wake up early in the morning and line up. LOL :D

  2. @tekkaus: Yea lor.. but the food is just ok good only.. Haha!

  3. I didn't have mine...lol

  4. 8 sets still okay, I saw 12 sets before, I think same case everywhere, they just open 1 counter and make everyone queue.
    Pity you forget the apple pie.

  5. @jfook: Apple pie? or the breakfast? lol

    @Supia: of course, I past by McD Kulim already a lot of people queuing inside, I was like 'WHOA!', then I expect to come early to get the breakfast rather than reaching there at 7am..

    Sad case, luckily the apple pie costs RM2 each. :(