15 December 2010

4am Experience At McD

McDonald's, serving breakfast meals from 4am till 11am. Yes, it's true!

Having breakfast at McD before? No! Not even once. But yes when my friends and I went to revising our study for the finals. Haha! This was my first ever breakfast meal when I was at McD Sungai Dua (near to USM) until dawn.

McShaker Fries: Goncang dan nikmati (Shake and die?)

Before we all make it for the breakfast meal, first we ordered 2 large fries. The counter girl then gave me two limited edition McShaker bag and also BBQ powder sachet. It's been long time since I last shake the fries in a paper bag years ago. Wow! It's fun to shake it, shake it and shake it. I really go shake it until become insane while others probably watching me go nuts. LOL!

First up, premium roast coffee. This coffee had successfully keeping me awake for the whole day. The taste? Not bad. But I still prefer the coffee taste from the coffee shop. Why? Because I feel energetic when I drank the kopitiam's coffee, or I should say Kopi O! Yeah, memang KAW!

Next, I ordered a set of Sausage McMuffin with Egg, which comes with the coffee of course. Woo~~ from here I think you guys must be drooling for some early morning breakfast already, so I am too.

Pairing up the burger with coffee is the best, however I still feeling hungry after I ate it. For me, it is pretty nice and I like it too. But one is not enough for my stomach to be filled in, perhaps two is better than one? What should I order next? Hmm... *thinking*

Note: I always mistaken on "Selami" as Salami. OMG!

Next burger is my old favourite Filet-O-Fish. It was just a plain burger with fish meat with some mayonaise and cheese sandwiched in between. No, it should make the children feel that they were being cheated by it's look. As you can see, the bun surface was really smoooooooth! I can't resist the smoothness of the bun and my hands were itchy to touch it. "Hey dear, I am about to eat you! Muahaha!" My friends were looking at me, jaws dropped. Haha!

Did I just say it contains cheese in the Filet-O-Fish? As you saw it, I don't think so.

Finally, my last ever meal of the day, an Apple Pie. The apple pie was cold the moment I ordered it. The cashier then bring it to the kitchen and heat it up. Minutes passed by, I keep waiting and waiting... 15 minutes still waiting, and finally after half an hour I got one for myself. I immediately opened up and ate it, wowzers! It's so hot inside the fillings! My tongue was hurt, real bad! Tsk tsk...

My friends and I have enjoyed studying while chatting about stuffs at McD. Oh by the way, here is my last picture of the day! Introducing Gabriel. Say HI to him. :)

That's all from my college life, just for now. Coming up next, the updates on My Videoshoot Debut, our first video is still in editing mode. What will it be? I'm pretty excited to know how it prevails! :D


  1. I love McD! :D Try chicken supreme mcdeluxe next time, it's good too hehe

  2. @hilda: lol.. don't eat too much McD ya! Not good for your health. :P