29 March 2011

QB Birthday Week Outing

Time flies, April is coming soon. I had just celebrated my birthday with my family back in my hometown yesterday. Not just that, few days ago I got my special treat at Kim Gary Restaurant, located at Queensbay Mall, Penang.whereby 50% discount on my total bill within my birthday week, 7 days before or after my birthday. I followed with my 4 other friends to have dinner there.

Fortunately, we came without lining up and wait for the seats to be available, because it's obviously available with lotsa empty tables. Better not to go on weekends, previously I went to 1st Avenue's Kim Gary, the people were queueing outside. No wonder the restaurant is so famous for it's food, and the people keep coming back for more.

But to get the discount, first I got to register for membership card worth RM15. Initially we all do not own any Kim Gary's privilege card as we thought only to show my IC to be entitled for the discount. Who says that?! It must be Andy's fault. Geez! The discount is worth to become a member, so we all agreed to share out to pay for the card, with the ownership under my name, as a birthday boy of course!

After ordering from the menu, I immediately ordered Baked Rice with Chicken... OMG I forgot, btw while waiting for others to order, I filled up the membership form to get the card.

After 10 minutes, the food has arrived...? But which one is mine? This is what I ordered... *Please don't ask me about the name of the food, I easily lost my memory (subject to remember-ness)* 

Cream Soup

Lemon Coke

Gabriel's Kim Chi

Navin's "Awesome" Curry Baked Rice

My All-time Favourite Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken

Some dessert that I gave to others...

Erik's Shoestring Fries

The proud guy who orders extra food.

Navin and me

From L to R: Andy, Gabriel, Erik

After our dinner meal, we then walked around while waiting for the movie time. I paid RM12 for watching "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles". This movie is quite like a familiar game that I played before, but I don't really remember the game title well, or is it similar pattern to "Left 4 Dead"? Probably yes with more navy soldiers along the way. But the movie storyline shown was invaded by the aliens, not the zombies. As for Tanker, I still don't know how to kill it effectively, shot gun useless, machine gun not so pain, chainsaw not used as I easily being whacked far far away. Give me bazooka then I'll settle it with a headshot. *KABOOM!* How about drone? The tanker might direct his zombies to block the drone, and sacrifice themselves who were being loyal to the king Tanker. :P

While walking around, we took some pictures along the way. Here it goes:

On our way to the toilet, sorry! To be censored within Toilet Zone

Two gays kissing... xD

Cool Navin

Erik: *shocking...*

We had a good time. Thanks for coming! So I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the wishes in Facebook and also Twitter too. I sincerely hope everyone would willing to support my blog and I will try my best to blog more interesting post as long as it is available, and probably some videoshoot in near future. My wish is just as simple as ABC! Take care everyone! 

Have fun blogging! :)

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  1. I just had kimgary last wed after havent been there for months (: Happy belated birthday!

  2. @hilda: i see... the food was nice! btw thank you! :D