10 April 2011

What's In My Mind?

Another boring Sunday, but not really. Last few days ago, it was really an amazing day for me for photoshooting. I get the chance to try out some skills that the typical pros done it before. Thanks to my friends who are willing to be my "model" of the day, I have enjoyed a wonderful time with you all. Sadly, the "model" do not allow me to post up the photos as promised. I'm apologised for that.

By the way, starting tomorrow will be the week 14 of Semester 6. Next 2 weeks will be my study break, and then the following week will be examination week for this semester. You have no idea why the time files so fast, even though that you still did not realised what is going on until today. For example, although I had passed up my report, until today I still doubt myself whether I had already passed up the report or not. I felt that there's too much things mixed up in my mind, which made some of my actions made to forget easily. This made me worried for the whole time.

I always think what I am going to do or plan in the future, of course I still need to surpass the obstacles in order to achieve my goals. Life won't be easy if you take the easy way too much. I think... I think... and I think, sometimes people think the different way than mine. I just accept anything, but not so negatively insane thinking for me.

Back to my blog, I was thinking whether is it worth to upgrade to domain website. Should I continue using blogspot or getting myself a domain? Agree or disagree? Free domain or own domain better? Or have to see what is my blogging level first? Anyway, I just gonna reconsider about this whenever I'm free. Or else, maybe I could made my own blog site apps on iPad? Hmmm... It's a good idea actually! :-)

SonnyKazu on iPad! :D

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