29 January 2011

Revisiting Kek Lok Si Temple on New Year's Day Part 3

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In this part 3 of the story, my family and I are still at the Kek Lok Si Temple during the New Year's Day on 1/1/11. Now I will show you more of my photos about my visit to the one of Penang's most famous tourist attraction.

The ticket costs RM4 return ticket to the base where we bought the ticket earlier. While waiting for the lift to arrive, I managed to snap some photos of my family. 

The lift has arrived, it's time to climb up to the Kuan Yin statue.

Upon arriving the top of the Kuan Yin statue...

After taking lots of photos of Kuan Yin statue, there's a little shower during that time and I pray hard that today  (New Year Day) will not rain, or else... ahhh! Just forget about it. By the way, let's moving on. We all then walk to the pond area to snap some photos also. Hehe!

Here are more of my photos:

My dad

My bro and I

Normal exposure picture

High exposure picture




More cute cats!

The crowd at the souvenir shop

My dad, mum and bro

On our way down by lift...

Kek Lok Si temple is indeed a great place for photogenics and shutterbugs like me, snapping lots of nice pictures for memories and share it around to our friends and family here. Not just that, I can also get to pray for success in life and also know more about this temple from my dad, where his hometown is very close to this temple.

Next up, we went to Mengkuang Air Itam Dam, where I have gotten the chance to visit for the first time since long time ago my dad, and even my friends told me about this dam. Let's take a look at the dam shall we?

"Look out!"

This dam was built for almost 40 years!

2 words about this dam: "Damn" NICE! Hehe! By the way, we have not much time to walk around the dam for long, so we continue our journey to visit my grandma and then went to 1st Avenue to take a peek on the newest shopping mall in the heart of Georgetown! However, we wanted to have simple dinner at the food court there but the info counter says that it opens only on March. Oh man! So we went to McDonald's in Prangin Mall instead. I never thought about having dinner with burgers and fries plus soft drink until I walked in to order. *sighs*

Overall, this trip is just as nice as the previous ones. Nothing special really. But I still enjoy the trip too! Next post will be something more interesting other than this boring story of my Penang trip, because now I feel that I have enough of it since I'm now studying there. 

Chinese New Year is coming soon... Woohoo~~~! Please stay tuned for my special edition of SonnyKazu's says! :)

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