12 January 2011

Revisiting Kek Lok Si Temple on New Year's Day Part 2

Previously on Revisiting Kek Lok Si Temple on New Year's Day Part 1:

My story starts when my family decided to visit the oldest temple in Asia, Kek Lok Si Temple, which is situated in the heart of Penang Island. FYI, this trip was surprisingly unplanned on that new year's day.

My story continues right after I had reached the top of Kek Lok Si temple.

More pictures here, enjoy! These are my favourite photoshoot using my "eyes"! Please take note on the quality of all these photos. :D

Half way through reaching the giant Kuan Yin statue, I had captured many of the photos using different types of setting on my C6 camera phone, but I am feeling disappointed as some white balancing had caused some photos to be brighter. I wish I could have a DSLR camera as soon as possible! Wuwuwuwu~~~ *now feeling too desperate* Why? Because I couldn't hold on to myself watching other people using their DSLRs, mostly 550Ds. T_T

Stay tune for my Part 3 of Revisiting Kek Lok Si Temple on New Year's Day, next!

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