07 January 2011

Revisiting Kek Lok Si Temple on New Year's Day Part 1

On my very first day of the year, I did not expect that we are going for outing together with my family. So where are they bring me to? Owh-ma-Gosh! I'm going back to my same old place again, Penang Island of course! Same old shopping mall, same old bridge, same old island. But not everything is old actually. I heard that there will be a new shopping mall opening ceremony while I was away from Penang for semester break. Nah! I wasn't there on that day to cover all these events on my blog so no answers given.

En route to Penang, my mum wanted to revisit Kek Lok Si temple as we previously went up the hill to visit the Kuan Yin statue. Long time ago, there was not even a pillar to shelter the statue. But then here comes the 21st century, and now the people start changing the way they think. So for this generation, with all the respect from our generous donations from the people all around the world, the Kuan Yin statue was given an ornate shelter. It was truly impressive.

On our way up, we met up with our old tortoise here. I really lost count on how many tortoise are there but I am missing you guys very much! Hehe! :D

I think I gotta stop it here for the moment because I got my own busy schedule on my work. I will be blogging again for the next few days, after I start my new semester in Penang again. Keep in touch for my updates on Twitter @sonnykazu

To be continued in Part 2 of Revisiting Kek Lok Si Temple on New Year's Day... 

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