06 December 2010

Teaser: My Videoshooting Day Story

Do you remember what I have blogged about My Videoshoot Debut? Yes, me and my friends here still have not finished editing the videos yet. But according to my director here, he previously took more than an hour to transfer the video files from mini DV cassette via firewire, and it costs more than 1GB per 60 minutes of video. That's a huge video file from an old camcorder. But he told me he had difficulties on transferring the video files from the cam. Hopefully he can figure out the solution and start editing as soon as possible.

To do video recording, you will need a camcorder. But not necessarily an expensive type for better and high quality shooting. Luckily my dad have own a Sony camcorder which he have not use for years, and now I borrowed it from him. Before I borrow this from him, he told me that this camcorder is pretty expensive and I should be taking care of his property. Ok then!

After I went back to Penang, the time has come! Videoshooting day! But why are we doing this? For some reason I would like to blog about it on the next update.

My shirt should be worn for Baskin Robin's Pinky Day for discounts! :P

All I know was I just preparing my stuffs, getting ready for my first ever videoshoot by my own. I now let you know why I like videoshoot from the start. When I was young, my dad brought his camcorder while travelling to record our family moments. Sometimes my dad would allow me to record some scenes or happenings through his camcorder. I get to play with it's function and more. After all, I feel like this was interesting to record videos.

I did feel that I want to do anything that I like, but there will be some limitations or obstacles occur at some point. Not to say that too many people advising me this or that about certain things which is not good for my future, but this is my interest. Yes, people are now doing things on their own way, so do I. Perhaps I might not want to focus solely on one particular thing that made my life go wasted, in the end my life would be meaningless.

There you go. My "emotional" post for today! I would be more happy if I had the chance to become the video director today. It's pretty fun to record scenes and edit them to make a nice video for everyone to enjoy. That's why we have dramas, movies, entertainment etc, and not to mention YouTube as the #1 video website in the world. As for my VLOG #2, I'm partially satisfied that I got a shocking 400+ views from Youtube. OK! I admit that I am just an average guy from Malaysia that pretty shy on talking. I'm sure that I'm uncomparable to Ryan Higa (YouTube's #1 Most Subscribed Channel) because I'm not ready to be brave enough. *proud of myself* :P

Try harder next time then I might be alongside him. Yeah! That's for you to think it's IMPOSSIBLE that I M POSSIBLE! We'll see about that! *face off*

Videos are now currently in editing mode. Please be patience. In the meantime please follow me on Twitter @sonnykazu for updates on my current videos and more! Have a nice day! :)

The story continues... 

[Due to my blocked content of VLOG #2 by YouTube, I'm apologise!] *Updated 6/12/10

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