21 May 2010

SonnyKazu's VLOG #2

Hey there, I have just updated my VLOG again. This time my video sound is really crystal clear so that you can hear me better. As for previous ones, I set my microphone gain level off which is to amplify my voice a bit louder. FML!

Last week, I has just finished editing my videos, by that time I had already left for Penang. I'm now starting my semester that I couldn't update my blog without an internet at home. No Internet No Life! Gosh! I must go find one cheap modem for myself to use the limited edition Digi Prepaid Internet. RM2 per day I consider them cheap compared to RM5.

Anyway, this is just a short post. I will blog about my shocking fish pizza soon. Hehehe! Keep waiting and please remember check back some of my posts about my past ya! Cheers... :D

*p/s: BTW, Where is my VLOG? It's embedded eon at the top page. :P

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