08 December 2010

My New "Boss"

Hey there! I would like to introduce to you... MY NEW "BOSS"!

"Meow~~~!" says the "boss". For the record, this bossy cat have "conquered" this seat during a mini-election face off between myself and itself. Why I lose the seat? The truth is, this cat is pretty smart on campaigning using it's pure cuteness and charming characteristic on fishing votes, while myself have no unique talent but using my so-called "vote-fishing tactics".

What I have tried to do was a failure. You see, I tried to "bribe" the cat with lotsa fish. My purpose of doing this is to make the cat lose on purpose so that I can grab the seat by default. So what does it do? He rejected the fishes and immediately called MACC and file a report on me. From there on, I was being disqualified by Election Commission and the cat automatically wins the seat. That's the bottomline.

All smiles after winning a mini-election.

During an interview by press media, he stresses out about why the opponent loses during a mini election. "SonnyKazu just wants to 'fish' me out of the seat so that he can get more relaxed, but I really don't want him to get lazy on serving people just like that." He told the media. "My cuteness does not buy some 'fishes', and I am strongly against people who are bribing! People like him do not belong in this society! Meow~~"

His words are pretty deep and I am immediately fall on my knees, and beg an apology from him. From there on, he will be my "boss" until his term ends. But sadly, he had gone away without telling me his whereabouts. Now I got back my own seat and I'm thankful that "he's gone for good"! No... I shouldn't say like this. It should be "I am sad that he's gone for good!" *party time!*

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