14 November 2010

My Videoshoot Debut

Holla everyone! It's nice to be back blogging again after I was away being lazy, but not just that yet! I have been away videoshoot with my friends, including my director Andy and also our actor and actress. If you have follow my Twitter recently, Andy and I are going to make a music video which we may consider putting it on Youtube.

Sorry for now, because I should keep it secret about who was the actor and the actress, and also the movie genre too. But I can tell that the video may be out by early next year. Please be patience while me and my friends are working on the videos that we have made. We are still amateur in video shoot and hopefully you guys can give at least a single feedback on the videos that we have made.

For those who were interested in looking into our updates on video, kindly follow me on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/sonnykazu
Now on learning video shooting... improve all the way! 


  1. Good luck to your music video and hope that it turn out to be everyone's favourite

  2. @Aries: Thank you! I will try my best! :D