25 July 2010

Back To Blogging!

Hello everyone! I am back to blogging again after much intense from my final exam since last week. I was too exhausted until my mind feels that I should take a break. However, I can't be sitting in front of my lappy all the time as I got to help my mum's business. At this rate, I shall not reveal what I am doing for the moment. As the wise old man says, "patience is the key to success". My passion for blogging is still on!

To be honest, I got lotsa stories to share on my blog, but sometimes my busy time prevents me from drafting out here. I only knew myself how badly I wanted a DSLR camera when I saw a lot of the people holding with it. For those who follow on my Twitter page, I have complications on choices betweem handphone and DSLR camera. I wish I can afford both of them, but I gotta choose one as my money concerns. I kept reading a lot of reviews lately and some of the posts have attracted me for what they have mentioned. I was too eager to buy the gadgets as soon as possible. 2 choices, 1 to select, why not 2 better than 1? *tsk tsk* 

The story of my bowling has just ended. I am not going to play bowling but I still interested on watching the pros playing. I really damn missing my bowling days back then. You can check it out about what I have achieved in the past. I really have to let go on my bowling due to my studies. Furthermore, I gotta fork out a lot of money just for training because the game fees are quite expensive. Hopefully one day I could be playing again, who knows?

Say "Happy Birthday" to this girl!!! :P

My acquaintance friend story: On that day (last month), I followed a friend's car back to Penang. It's pretty much early night that time, so I go visit my friend's place for a while. Upon arrival, I really didn't expect that somebody is going to have a birthday surprise when I overheard my friends discussing about their plan. Here it is! On my first look on her, she was quite pretty. I like her smile too. This is the first time I met her on her birthday! What a coincidence... haha! Happy Birthday to you specially from me! :D

The stories that never told before has been shared by myself. My life is so amazing, THE WORLD IS JUST AWESOME! *by Discovery Channel* :P