01 August 2010

My New Nokia C6

After a much awaiting for my new gadget which I had mentioned on Twitter recently, I would like to introduce to you guys my new Nokia C6. Whee~~!! xD

Thanks to my main sponsor, which is my mum of course, I have to say goodbye to Motorola V3 and welcome C6 in my open palms. Erm... I actually paid more than half for this phone.

From the moment when I opened the blue box, I can see the shiny black phone, with it's sleek design which looks quite like N97 model. Some of the people said that this phone is a combination of 5800 and QWERTY keyboard. That's really amazing for me to look out on it.

For discounted price of RM888, "huat huat huat ahh!!!" This phone is an ORIGINAL phone plus screen protector which I had asked to put it for an additional of RM8. Until now, I am impressed with it's features since I first played with it. Yeah! I'm now quite happy as a new Nokia user.

You can check out on my reviews on my new C6 here:

Have a nice day ahead! :D


  1. i want new phone also!

  2. 888 only? whoaaa. like nice ho. i wonder if x6 is good or not :p what do you think?

  3. Screen protector for RM 8.00???

  4. @ken: go buy now! :D

    @hilda: X6 should be okay lar... and the touchscreen more sensitive than C6... :P

    @kelvin: ya.. my fren says too expensive... >.<