25 March 2010

My Bowling Days

*First of all, I would like to apologise for some late updates of my blog site due to my packed study schedule lately. I was busy until I had nearly neglected my blog for some time already. Oh well, I'm back to blog again, just for a moment...*

My bowling days seems like a never ending story, but I have many sweet and sour memories when I participated in various competitions in different places few years back. These are the stories that I wrote for remembering my past achievements in the sport of tenpin bowling.

The first ever national competition I participated is the MSSM, which was held in Seremban back in year 2003. It was the most unforgettable moment ever when I picked up a gold mdeal from team event and a silver mdeal from individual event. This is my first time to make such a huge impact for my state team. Btw I really never expect to win any medals since the other teams like Selangor and KL are the favourites in the competition by that time. I guess it was a luck after all.

My parents were very proud of me for what I had achieve that time. When I returned home from Seremban, I was being congratulated by my classmates, my fellow bowlers and even my headmistress too. I was being nominated for the state and district sports award for my achievements in MSSM. I am also being interviewed by a local newspaper about myself in bowling. *Interviewing sucks! Haha! I was too afraid to say anything in front of my dad. Of course it was my first time for doing such an interview. What a shame!*

Although I had achieved in such a great competition on the national stage, I even nailed a back-to-back Milo Youth Cup Grand Finals champion trophy in the year 2004 and 2005. The finals I played before were quite tough, especially the opponents that have shown their stunning talent in the sport of bowling. I really do admit that they are the greats in the future of bowling. I also knew myself where I stand amongst the top bowlers out there, but sadly I can't be joining the National Youth squad due to some unavoidable reasons.
Posing with my champion's trophy.

Group photo of All winners from each category.

In the year 2006, once again I had stunned the top bowlers from all over the country by competing in Sukan Teras National Bowling Championship. At first I was excited the moment when I saw a bunch of top bowlers there. I do keep myself calm and stay steady when in the game. However, I was the runner-up in the competition. Sadly I can't be the champ since my opponent named Afizal (who was playing for Kedah before transferred to N.Sembilan) has outshone me in the finals. In the game, I supposed this match was the exact sweet revenge on me when we last played in Penang. *Never mind. You have win it fair and square. We do not hate each other in the game.* He is one of my main rivals and also a good friend. I have been competing with him on several occasions, including the Milo Youth Cup back then before he was promoted to the National Youth squad that has made him moved to KL for training.

*sonnykazu* (2nd from right) together with the finalists. Afizal the champ standing at the centre.

I did only managed to come this far, and I had not gone internationally to compete yet. I have been temporarily quit bowling for now due to my studies, and I am likely to return to bowl whenever I am ready for it. It was my own passion for bowling over the years now, and I have bowled a great time so far. Thanks to my dad, he had set me up for this sport when I was young. Haha! You are quite a special one for me. :-)


  1. cool.. i only play bowling for fun.. haha.. =P

  2. @kenwooi: Haha! Shall I teach you some bowling lessons? :-)

  3. I think i'm the worst bowler in the whole universe....haha!

  4. seldom ever play bowling. even when i did i suck. *embarrassed* LOL

  5. @Cassie & Catherine: Bowling is really quite fun, I'm not the best one ok? Haha! You guys win.

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  7. Thanks for your interest in wanting to be a Berry Role Model. As to how we should start it:

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