09 July 2010

Kereta Sewa Turned "Taxi Driver"

As I was wondering all over the years, how come they can turn their kereta sewa (rented car) into their own daily income as "taxi driver"? Although there are not many taxis in my hometown, I am now concerning about the people who take taxi to some places. I already have more doubts on this for years now. Is this a TRUE public transportation?

I hope is not. Since these cars are kereta sewa, they can never be forgiven. I have tried riding on these "taxis" and I have found out:
  • From City Plaza to Star Parade: The distance is about 2km, the driver charges RM6. Sounds expensive is it? Luckily I went together with my friends. I rather walk to there than riding on it.
  • From Pekan Rabu to my house: The distance is about 8km, the driver charges RM10+, my bro and I went home together as we do not have any transport.
  • From Shahab Perdana Bus Terminal to my house: Distance is about 6km, the driver charges RM12. WHAT?! Furthermore, I was on my way home alone. Luckily I have enough to pay the driver until I broke when reaching home.

In comparison with the KL and Penang taxi drivers, what I think is that "kereta sewa" drivers "EAT" more money than ordinary taxi drivers. Furthermore, their fares can be negotiated, but for some cannot as they have their own "reason". I am totally cannot trust them as they are a bunch of strangers who would wanna con their passengers for making fast money. They should work harder, or smarter to earn from their effort.

To overcome this problem, I suggest that you should bring your own transport if you can afford to do so. If not, you can try to car pool either of your friends or your relatives' car to travel around. If you were forced to sit taxi, then I might suggest you to go together with friends for safety reasons, plus you pay cheaper fares too as you guys pay the fares equally.

Conclusion: For myself, I rather not to take public transportation and owning a car is better than sitting in a public transportation. But some of people might rather take public transportation, as they have thought they can reduce Co2 emission and save our mother Earth. I am a supporter on saving the Earth, but I am trying not to make an impact on peoples' thought here, as we are thinking quite different from each other. All I can say is... please go find a better solution than this! :P


  1. I heard of this before. Some foreigners really got scam big time.

  2. oh well, wat do you expect... malaysia boleh ma... boleh in leeching other people's money

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  3. Seconded. Jalan Jalan la, more fun in the sun :)

  4. Haih, sadly KL taxis aren't any better =(

  5. Kereta sewa? How to differentiate it? For me, all look the same. :)

  6. I know Penang have a lot of kereta sewa without the Taxi logo on top. Just blog hopping, hope you have a great week ahead.

  7. tats y my mom dun let me sit taxi. LOL.