21 May 2010

SonnyKazu Is Featured In BerryBerryEasy.com

One day, I woke up and getting ready to college, just like ordinary days. I opened my laptop, logging into my email, check this check that.

And suddenly I go to http://berryberryeasy.com and... *sigh*

It's says: "Berry Role Model No.3 - Bowling Champ/Future EE Engineer - Low Wooi Kit"

Why my name? Walao! Sorry that I just pretend that I don't know about it. The thing is that I was featured on their site which they have conducted an interview on me about my previous post "My Bowling Days". One of the member from Berry Berry Easy spotted on reading my post and suddenly gave me an opportunity to be featured on their site. Wah!

To know more about my interview, you can just go to their website to find out. Actually I didn't know that writing an interview took me a whole bunch of time than my ordinary blog writing.


  1. COngratulations role model! ;)

  2. wow! got ppl interview..you must be very famous then XD

  3. yes,...i read about tat yesterday dy! congrates! :-)

  4. Wah, imagine all the traffic coming in^^

  5. Lol on you pretending to stumble upon the interview. Anyway, just to let you know the impact of the interview, we do have a few students who says that now they can 'use' you as an 'excuse' to pursue sports in front of their parents. I guess many others will be citing you as an example from now. Hopefully they can dabble in sport yet maintain their grades like you.