22 May 2010

Farewell Central World Plaza! We'll See You Again!

"R.I.P." Central World Plaza
(19 May 2010)

Central World Plaza in Bangkok

The biggest shopping complex in Bangkok has been burned by Red Shirts group.
It's unbelieveable to watch, they have made my jaws dropped.
I felt angry and disappointed about the happenings in Bangkok. So as my mum.

The last time I went to Bangkok together with my family, I have the chance to see Central World Plaza.
I said, "Whoa! It's huge!"
But I never stepped into the complex before. 
*My mum didn't bring me go! Grr~~!*

Oh well, I should say the Red Shirts has done a great job on bringing down the shopping mall.
At least some of the "shop-a-holics" can stop shopping and take a break.
But they won't just let their addiction go away as they have Siam Paragon and other places to shop.

Luckily the building structure didn't fall, not like World Trade Centre.

The complex may be rebuild again, I don't know how much time they will use to repair the damage.
Anyway, I hope that Central World complex will be revived, again!

See this video and tell me how you feel about it!

*Credits: Youtube, Google Images


  1. So sad..I have not visited Bangkok yet :(

  2. hi Sunny...are u in INTI? then u r Andy's fren? :)

  3. @jfook: pls be advised that bangkok is still dangerous to visit until further notice. TQ! :D

    @reanaclare: Both also yes aunty. Nice to meet you! :D

  4. luckily i went there few times...now not the right time to go there....wat a chaos

  5. 動不一定每一次都成功,但坐而不行,絕無任何成功可言.............................................

  6. Those stupid bastards.

  7. I can't imagine if this happening to malaysia.. the protestants bring down the..ermmm Pavillion or Suria KLCC.. I will go berserk! We're still lucky despite of too many political argument among parties in our country.. Droppin from LR =)