08 January 2013

Week 1 of 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the year 2013. First of all, I don't really know much about what you guys will be planning for your resolution, but anyway let's recap on how was my status during the first week of new year.

I am now still on holiday mood after ended my internship programme, but my holiday was spent mostly at home. All I can say is that my daily routine is almost the same. Yeah! Nothing much to do, except finding things that I can do as a hobby. In the end, I now found myself playing online games as a hobby, which literally my past hobby since I was young, and I was 'forced' to give up because of using the same PC hardware, but the latest title game keep on upgrading with increased specs each year that caused me to play with low quality graphics, or even unplayable at all. Hence, I quit gaming. My gaming time resumes until last week, I saw some light when I realised some specific games, especially online games does not need any decent graphic quality upgrade in order to play. From there on I chose Ragnarok Online 2, which first debut in Korea years ago, now launched for South East Asia. But before Open Beta Test (OBT) started, I played some Need For Speed World, just to hunt down the treasure diamond to collect unique rewards for fun.

Just when the OBT started last week 29th of December 2012, everyone including me was excited to start off the Ragnarok mania. However, things does not turn well for the RO2 staffs and servers that caused a delay, I mean multiple delays. Till the end of the day, they had no choice but to announce OBT postponement to 3rd of January 2013. Well, most people surely will feel disappointed, so as for myself too. But heck I don't even mind about that, because I have expected a huge number of crowds logging into the game server, anyway it's free to play online, unless the game needs to be purchased just like Diablo 3. So far I am in the running to make my job character level increase until level 25, then maybe I shall suspend myself from further leveling as I have other stuffs to do, one of them is to prepare to start my final year semesters within the next few weeks. *Oh God, WHY?!!!*

Ragnarok Online 2 open world gameplay interface

So that's it. This was my last week talking about gaming. My dream to build a powerful and cost saving gaming CPU is still not yet reachable. As you know, most of the latest PC components are quite expensive, especially the processor itself is already cost so much that your wallet empties magically, I mean flows out fast. I just only wish that this year will be a good year for me, bring in more luck and more income, plus more good than bad and more happy than sad, ultimately win big prizes! Woohoo!

Okay then, before I officially close this post, here is my little iPhone-o-graphy shot with a little help of Instagram editing. By the way, Happy belated 1st SonnyKazu's iPhone Anniversary!

Heritage View at Nagore Road, Penang

P.S.: Happy Belated New Year everyone, on behalf of my family too. Hehehe...!

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