06 October 2012

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza

Earlier this week, sushi fans gathered around the Sushi King store, did not know what to do but to anticipate their favourites of RM2 per plates, and the chefs are ready to give up their sushi making job after that week, I don't know how they feel about it, but they have done their best to serve all those hungry customers including myself too.

That was when me and my friends are in Queensbay Mall. Upon reaching, it's normal to be there early, or else you would be standing there queueing up with others, waiting for ages until your turn to have 45 minutes of sushi feast. Can the operator increase enjoying time for an hour? I hope to sit a little longer.

Like everyone else, anything you see your favourite sushi on Kaiten belt, you can just take it. Or else let others stole away. Most of the people here targeting Red and Purple plates, which consists of Unagi and Tempura Prawn on their respective plates. Just before they reach the belt, customers are dying to get their hands on that expensive plate, still does not matter because the price is already RM2. I was the lucky one, owning the plate, thanks to the chef who place the plate right in front of me. *Excited*

If you come just only for sushi, you would need to have a nice cup of green tea, be it hot or cold. It's a buffet green tea that does not cost you much, however we have succeeded in clearing all the jugs. Some say it's the first time we have finished it all. Well, you can have another jug as you wish. Don't forget about toilet breaks if you insist on drinking.

Here are the proof on the steel jug... totally empty!

Well, it's totally worth it! See you again in the next sushi bonanza.

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