18 January 2012

iPhone 4S: The Winning Journey

Bear with me with this long blog post... it's a very long story...

On the day after Boxing Day, which is 27th of December 2011, the moment I failed to received a call, my Nokia C6 was crazy all of a sudden. I could not accept the phone call. My hope was dashed as I expected a prize from The Star Bid and Win contest, or maybe it was an insurance company to follow up with me. I just leave it there until the second time my phone rang. Heck, my phone gone crazy again! If I can't receive this call I was about to trash it into the bin. Geez!

After 10 frustruating seconds, the phone finally accepts the call, my goodness! "Is this Wooi Kit?" What duh? Who knows my name? A sweet lady talking to me like my 'girlfriend' (Single and Forever Alone!). "Yes speaking."

"Congratulations! You have been the Top 3 Tweets for ChurpChurp Christmas Giveaway contest, which you would have to come down to our office for lucky draw session." Seriously?! At first I thought it was a joke, but then I realised I had participated in that contest myself. "Really? Thank youuuu! So what's the prize do I get?" I asked.

"Yes! But you have to come over to our office for lucky draw. There are 9 presents here, from what I know one of them is an iPhone 4S." she said. "I see. By the way do you know what are other gifts that you will giveaway?" I purposely asked. Since the other gifts won't be revealed yet, I started to think about it so much. My first thought, "What if I don't win an iPhone 4S? Might I win Samsung Galaxy S2 instead?"

I was at my hometown, and she said I was invited to attend the lucky draw the next day. Quite rushing by the way. I had to skip my work just to attend this lucky draw, for one and only chance to own an amazing smartphone. I could borrow my friend's iPhone to play some games, such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and more. Besides, I logged into my Facebook account to post status on my profile, and I was impressed with just that "seconds ago via iPhone (now mobile)" timeline. From there onwards, I just wanted to have my C6 changed to iPhone as I love to online on the go.

On the dark side of C6, I was disappointed with the slow response of the phone. 800MHz Symbian processor was satisfying but not good enough for web browsing. To connect through WiFi, it took me about 5 minutes long, then only the Facebook page is shown. I gave up on that and act this phone as a normal classic 3310 phone. But it's good to have touchscreen for a cheap price, but it's so heavy.

I started my bus journey at around 8.30am, reached Puduraya at 1pm. Once reached KL, the first thing I do is walk around, following Google map for the nearest LRT station. I thought I could drop by Pavillion for a while, but it was far from walking distance away, so I just stopped by McDonald's for some McValue lunch. After that, I straight away ride LRT Putra line to Dang Wangi. As a first timer walking alone, or forever alone, I walked to the Monorail station using pedestrian crossing instead of using overhead crossing. I came across with an Indian couple who also drop by the station together to the Monorail, maybe they are surprised to see me walk from another side instead of following them. Yeah whatever, I am not local by the way.

The time was 2pm, 3 hours away from the lucky draw session. Since the Monorail has a route to Berjaya Times Square, I could spend time hanging around there. Yes, I'm still alone. Before that I managed to call up some friends in KL, however most of them are busy with their final exam. Walk here, walk there until 3.30pm. I decided to depart to the office early.

Once I reached the office building, I search for directories for ChurpChurp office. Wait a minute, I don't see any ChurpChurp name. Normally smart people would know that ChurpChurp is the sister company of Nuffnang, yeah I'm a bit dumb. During that time, I met up with Nurul Asyikin (@asyikinrosli) who was also a Churper like me, also invited by the Churpies too. She was in the Top 3 Most Facebook likes category. It was great to see people who can collect more likes than I do, I was jealous. Hehe! Mikaela

Straight to the point, 5pm Nuffnang Office.

Nice Christmas tree...

My first visit to Nuffnang office, very nice office environment indeed...

The Chrupies... I forgot who's who, Mikaela, Michelle, XinXian and err...

The churpies will ask a random question related to Churp Churp. The first person who answers correctly will get to pick any one of the envelope. I was the 2nd person to answer "partially" correct and I was nervous to pick which of them can bring me the iPhone. This is the moment when I chose, I got this envelope with number 8 which had brought me the best Christmas gift ever in my life...

You know what it is...

This white box says it all, it's an iPhone 4S! :)

I was surprised and lucky to be the owner of this wonderful gadget in this very world, last created by the late Steve Jobs. I could not wish anything more than this. That moment I was speechless. All of the contestants wishing congratulations to me, and I'm thankful that I was the lucky chosen one to take home this baby. Until today I still can't believe I really got one. 

Thank you ChurpChurp for giving me this wonderful gift! :-)

By the way, if you wonder why I got this iPhone, it's because I have joined ChurpChurp Christmas Giveaway. I got the Top 3 Most Tweets category. All I have to do is to share stories on "Read a story" section. I shared a post about "What is the meaning of Mother In Law?", what is that actually?

By scrambling the word "Mother In Law", you got


More news: http://my.churpchurp.com/blog/2011/12/09/contest-churp-churp-christmas-giveaway/

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