22 July 2012

Looking For Affordable 4G Internet Plans?

If you are wondering why the title above made you interested to dig more information on cheap and affordable 4G plans, then you are on the right track. 

Introducing the new and affordable 4G plans by P1 or Packet One Networks

ToGo™ Plan

Enjoy unlimited 4G speed, up to 10GB usage quota for only RM1.30 per day! 

To make things easier to understand, it's time for a simple Q&A session with our blog master, SonnyKazu:

Question: What is this ToGo Plan by P1?
SonnyKazu (SK): This is the latest Broadband On-The-Go plan offered by Malaysian for Malaysians. You know, people would not be able to afford other plans if anyone could have two, or even more devices such as laptop, smartphone, tablet PC, handheld gaming device and so on. It would be too costly for those who are subscribing a plan just for a single device. Imagine if you have more than one device with you. But now everyone can enjoy broadband savings with multiple device connections with just a single P1 MiFi, which it can serve up to 6 devices! That's what I call incredible!

Q: What are the ToGo plans look like?
SK: Hmm... Let me check... (loading...)

Aha! You can now subscribe ToGo plan for as low as RM39 per month. There are 3 plans for you to choose depending on how much usage you need.

  • ToGo 39 suitable for light users who only use for normal internet surfing.
  • ToGo 69 suitable for medium users like me who are casual online gamers or heavy internet surfer.
  • ToGo 99 suitable for heavy users who enjoys YouTube music videos, downloads, PPS, or sometimes Skype calls or video chat etc.
Keep in mind that if you are ToGo 39 subscriber, you can only enjoy 1Mbps download speed, unless you opt for ToGo 66 or ToGo 99 plans which gives you unlimited download speed. The usage quota for 3 different ToGo plans are 2GB, 6GB and 10GB respectively. There will be 6 months contract offered for all ToGo plans as you can see from the table shown above. The good news is that from the 7th month onwards, a discount is offered up to 5% and 10% respectively for subscribers of ToGo 66 and ToGo 99. However for ToGo 39 subscribers, you will still remain paying RM39 per month.

After you have chosen your favourite plan, you can choose either 3 types of modem: UT235, UH235 and MF230. Those modems are mobile pocket sized and easily to carry around whenever you go surfing anywhere around your house, shopping malls, office, convenient stores, restaurants etc. You name it!

Q: Have you tried this ToGo Plan yet?
SK: Hmm... currently nope. I wish to try them out if anyone can sponsor me. Hehe! :-)

Q: Tell us your part of your story if ToGo plan does not exist today.
SK: This is a good question. If P1 have not came out with this ToGo plan, I would have stuck with the S-mix Broadband. Why? First, the price is not right for me. Second, it has unlimited broadband but still I have problems with the broadband speed. Last but not least and the most important thing is that I have faced difficulties on playing multiplayer online games in real time. 

I was real mad when experiencing lagness and slower ping, this made me decided to switch to other broadband services. Well, I came across several broadband offers but none of them did interest me. Until... one day...

Q: One day, ToGo plan lives up your expectation, is that what you mean?
SK: I have once tried P1 connection test from my friend and it was amazing. I can watch YouTube without a hassle and smooth online gaming experience. But unfortunately my life came short when my housing area does not have P1 coverage at the time. And now, my life will change dramatically when those P1 broadbands come into my hand. I could not expect much other than greater speed, greater internet connection and affordable internet plans. Nothing else! 

Q: How P1 can benefit your daily lifestyle?
SK: My daily lifestyle is just simple. I can enjoy mobile internet surfing together with MF230 modem, along with my family who also have smartphones or tablet PCs. Whenever I go, I can always have pocket internet with me. I do not need to waste time looking around for free and crowded WiFi service which sometimes give you unexpected and unavailable connections. At home, I can even use the modem to play online with my console. Instant connect and ready to play! With just RM1.30 per day internet usage, I get to enjoy maximum 4G speed at affordable price! Even if my friends wants a piece of my 4G internet connection, they should be charged for using the best internet service from me. ;-P

Q: Great! Where should I start subscribing P1 ToGo plans?
SK: Just go to your nearest P1 outlets or look out for roadshows or booths and register straight away! Don't forget the terms and conditions too. For more details please go to P1's website. Happy surfing!

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