15 January 2012

Find Room For Rent

My brother is looking for a college now because he completed his SPM. It wasn’t easy to find for a college that has the course he wants. After sometime asking around and getting information from education fairs, we finally got him a suitable college to go to. However, the second problem arises. The problem was finding a place to stay. It was hard to find for a place to stay near his college. My parents were hoping to find a place near to his college so that he doesn’t need to walk a long distance every day. It was hard to find for a room to rent because we do not know anyone staying near his college in Melaka. The college was far away from home and to help me brother to feel like home, we have to find him a room that is clean and comfortable to be stayed for the next few years. We asked our friends if anyone knows any room for rent and finally someone told us that we could get it from the internet. There are many rooms for rent online and it’s easy to acquire the details online. So, we started surfing and searching for rooms online. One benefit of searching for rooms online is that they have pictures for you to see how the room looks like and the condition of the room. Also, the details such as the pricing and the location of the rooms available are all there for us to choose. So, it’s always easier to find for a room online than to go through house agents which is a hassle and would cost more.

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