11 January 2012

Celebrate New Year with New Blog Template

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone who have came to visit this very blog on the year 2012. Recently I was busy with some important stuffs and I can't really find any free time to share blog posts. I also would like to apologise for not being active enough on my bloggie updates. Sometimes I feel lazy to blog, most of the time I just surf around on Facebook or Twitter, even Google or some 9Gag pleasure.

Say Hello to my new blog template, I just changed it to look nice than my previous one. I don't know how my picture was resized, and also the background was missing, I shall leave it to the "web designer" to fix it up. Well, the person is me. I suck at HTML coding, hehe!

Blog new look!

Next blog post teaser...

What is this letter with number 8 stands for? Huat ar!!! It's more than just the number itself. To my readers, what do you think this is about?

Stay tuned for my updates ya! Follow my Twitter link is on the right side of the blog page.

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