01 October 2011

Go Vege!

 9 vegetarian days, who says eating vege for 9 straight days cannot tahan? I could resist on taking meats for that once in a year celebration of Nine Emperor Gods festival, which is also known in mandrin as 九皇爺. For more info, please wiki out here ya.

Year by year, the price for vegetarian economy rice is getting more and more expensive. In my opinion, this was due to the rise of cost and also inflation. This means I have to fork out some more cash to eat. What to do, I got no choice but to eat. That's what humans need to survive.

 Vegetarian fried rice

Seriously, I can't wait to eat chicken chop again. I had promised to have dinner with my friend, but due to this festival, I had to postpone the dinner. Geez... that's sound so bad of me for thinking about chicken chop, running in my head all the time. Don't get me wrong by the way, because I'm not that evil. Hehe!

During this festival, there are some interesting vegetarian foods which is similar to the Westerners, namely the pizza and burger! Yeah, they are still selling the same as previous years. This photo brings you a nice temptation for vegetarian burger.

Actually, that was not a real meat. I don't know how the meat is made of, but this is only available once in a year, so do not miss this opportunity to try out the nice vegetarian food around. They are good for your health too.

Entering day 5 of vegetarian mania...

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