30 September 2011

Random Post: Back to BLOG - Again!

(Out of nowhere... )

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I haven't post anything on my blog. More than 2 months later, I am back to blog again. This time I had more stories to share with you, with nice edited photos, made by my own with @SonnyKazu tag. No more head banging, brain juice pressing for me to start my blog posts. All I have is more photos!

Starting tomorrow, I will try my very best to resume blogging, no matter how tough is my final year project or assignments for me. In this case, I would have to keep my blog posts as short as I can, 200 words per day might be enough I guess, thought as a human I'm also quite lazy to write long posts.

Hence, I would like to announce my return to blog... again... (Err... how many times did I say this?)

Before I end this post, I would like to share a nice photo with my fellow readers out there.

Lamborghini Gallardo SuperVeloce! A very nice sports luxury car indeed... in my dreams.

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