03 October 2011

Exclusive Photo: Coffee Bean

I couldn't write much, because this week is kinda busy for my assignments and projects. Well, I just wanna share my photo editing skills, which was specially photographed by myself. Any comments would be appreciated, but please just don't be so negative on me ok? :)

This photo was taken during the time my friends and I were enjoying Coffee Bean at Queensbay Mall. I don't feel like drinking ice blended coffee at that moment, but I feel like taking photographs was much better though.

Coffee Bean Ice Blended... (I don't know what's that drink...)

Yummy blueberry cheesecake (pardon me if I see wrong berry colour...)

Entering Day 7 of vegetarian week, left 2 more days to go. Man, I just can't wait to have chicken chop. Perghhh! Hold on for few more days, the time will eventually come. :)

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