05 October 2011

Exclusive Photo: Samsung Galaxy Tab

Finally, I have ended my 9 days vegetarian mania. I was so happy that I can return to original meal routine, chicken chops, fish and chips, steak etc... No I don't really eat until my pocket is empty. Anyway I have to keep my budget low and save it for nice food.

Next week will be my oral presentation day. I was not the only one who was nervous about it, luckily there are 2 spectators (which are my assessors) in the room only watching me in front standing to give a presentation ala Steve Jobs style.

To be able to present it well, I need a gadget to suit my presentation performance. What had attracted me is that this gadget has more multitasking function than Apple. I doubt Apple would be better than anyone else in the smartphone or tablet category, but somehow this kid has more than enough features to the users.

Introducing Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Apple's very-the-serious contender now in progress of lawsuits. I don't know about that patent thingy, but make sure the gadget can work for the users.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Check your local dealer if you are interested! :)

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