06 October 2011

Exclusive Photo: Starbucks Coffee

Tomorrow is Friday! I am pretty stressed up on my projects, because I still left a few more to test before proceed to the next stage of project, fabricating the circuit design into printed circuit board. The thing is I found out the circuit design is quite complicated, and I have to first make sure the system works. Hoho! This project is not really simple as you thought.

Take a break... chill out first, and you would love to have an ice cold blended frappucino at Starbucks Coffee at your nearest area. But for myself, this is just my only few times of a lifetime drink. The taste is simple awesome, and you feel like you wanna have more of it. This tempting drink is simply not to be missed out.
Starbucks Ice Blended Frappucino

When will be my next chance to have this wonderful drink in the world? Hmm...

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