18 March 2011

SonnyKazu Says: The Month of March

Hey guys, first and foremost, please help me guess what month is this today? Oh seriously, I lost count on how many days of no-update post due to my college's assignment and test. I'm pretty much exhausted and now I took this opportunity to write up a short post about something interesting that is going to be happened within the next week.

If you haven't follow my Twitter yet, never mind I will say it again. This month will be my birthday month, for those of you who said my birthday have passed, do not fret, because I still have one whole month to celebrate. Just kidding! Anyway, my birthday will be on March 28, next Monday. Do you know which celebrity whose birthday falls on the same date as me? Well, one of them is my favorite national bowling queen, Shalin Zulkifli. Too bad I never get the chance to tell her my birth date too. *sobs* What about the others? Well I don't really know about that, but I would also like to wish everyone for those who falls the same birth date as me, an early "Happy Birthday!" :)

Oh I changed my topic to my birthday, Geez! What I was talking about on Twitter is that I will be getting something nice, a most precious item that I had wanted for a long time. Imagine it falls on my hand, looking through the perfect moment, take the opportunity and capture! Well, I cannot be going for fishing, neither go to typical WWE RAW shows to get John Cena's purple T. By the way, I'm not going to reveal what I am going to get, but I just can assure you that if my parents reads this and relatively know what I am talking about, then I will be in one very big trouble to explain how it goes.

That's all for now. By the way, on behalf of Lye Low Productions, the new short-medium film will be an interesting one, it might be better than any other videographers out there. So do check our updates on our Youtube and Facebook page.

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  1. Ouh....so can I wish you happy Birthday in advance. :p