20 March 2011

My First Visit To Penang Hill (Part 1)

High definition photos, high quality images, it's here! Finally... I got the chance to visit Penang Hill, a place where I still haven't explore on the island itself. My mum have never been to Penang Hill before, so my dad will probably bring her up someday.

I followed my dad to the top of the hill. Coincidentally, there was a function whereby our Tourism Minister have came to visit Penang Hill for the launching of the new Funicular Railway. By that time we got there, I walked around and took some photos and tested out the video quality. Wow! This is my first ever full time DSLR usage. I must admit myself that I still suck on taking photos with auto focusing turned ON all the time, but I still trying to learn on adjusting using Manual Focus. It was not really easy to master in a day or two. Practice makes perfect! That's the key to superior image shooting.

While waiting for the VIPs to arrive, I went to snap some scenery.

Guard House

The following photos are the Bellevue Hotel. Right beside the hotel is the garden which you will need to purchase tickets to enter. You can take a look around for lots of rare plants and birds, the place are just amazing for nature lovers.

Front view of Bellevue Hotel

The Buggy!

Main entrance of Bellevue Hotel

I can sense someone is coming, riding a buggy towards the hotel, guess who is this?

TYT Yang Di-Pertuan Negeri Pulau Pinang, accompanied by YB Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen and also Penang Chief Minister YB Lim Guan Eng. Personally I don't really know the situation at the bottom about the funicular railway because all the time I was at the hotel. Whatever it is, I do keep myself enjoy taking photos of everything including the VIPs of the day. 

Here's the photos for the rest of my post, well this is my personal blog, not a "self-made reporter" blog. I don't dare to post false information, thus I just keep myself a low profile will do. So please go check out the news on TV channel or website, hopefully my face won't be in the media. *shy shy* :P

"The flower smells good!"

During the press conference...

All VIPs were treated with some refreshments

CM Lim Guan Eng speaks during media interview

It's time for YB Datuk Seri Dr. Ng to leave for other duties. Here she waves goodbye to me. Hehe! :)

But wait a minute, how about the garden? Too bad I made this post quite long with lots of pictures. By the way I will continue this exciting moment during my trip to Penang Hill with more photos to come.

*Update from The Star:

Penang Hill funicular trains to attract more tourists

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  1. i suppose to be there.. haha.. but i miss out..

  2. How come Yen Yen was there too? Haha :D

  3. The last time I been there....it was the old railtrain. Now so canggih already o. :)

  4. @Nikel Khor: Where have you been ar? haha!

    @Tekkaus: Yeah! This was my first time I went up to Penang Hill, but I never ever get a chance to sit the old train before. However I got lucky, because there was a launching of the new funicular railway which she had came.