04 March 2011

Movie Premier + Supercars Convoy @ 1st Avenue!!! (Part 2)

Previously on Movie Premier + Supercars Convoy @ 1st Avenue!!! (Part 1):

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to TGV Cinemas, 1st Avenue for the movie screening by Nuffnang entitled "Drive Angry" starring Nicholas Cage. The movie was so nice until there was some scenes have been cut. I hate that part. :(

After viewing 14 hot supercars at ground floor, my friends and I went up to collect the tickets at around 2.30pm.  I was the unlucky one who got the tickets (which our seating are being seperated with a big gap). There's no way that I can share the popcorn among each other. Besides of thinking a way of arranging the seats, we get a permission from 2 old parents for a seat exchange, and they agreed. Phhewww!

Enjoying the movie is never been the same without a popcorn. *but I just ate a little*

Here's how TGV Cinemas @ 1st Avenue looks like:




Mmm... POPCORN!!!


NOOO! Navin stole my popcorn!


Gabriel emo-ing while SMS-ing... :P

Look at the view from 8th floor! Wow!

After watching Drive Angry, we all walked around the mall and hang out for a while, until we decided to say goodbye to the Ferraris, Porsches and Lotus. The timing was really nice as we get to snap photos for the final time before they "vanished" to other places. Not to mention that I have used up all my phone and card memory for all these photos.

Here's the last round of supercars photos before they leave 1st Avenue:








It's a pain for the drivers to drive down from the sideways as the car bodies are originally built lower for stabilizing the car while speeding. They cannot simply drive down as it will directly damage the front bumper and also the base or the skirts, so they used a ramp for that. 

Man I love all these. One day I might probably get a chance to drive the luxurious car around if I am honoured to do so. Hahaha! 

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  1. Too bad I am not interested in any of these cars. I don't like sports car..not that I am a racer. :p

  2. @tekkaus: I understand your feelings, but I was just being natural of liking all these kinds of cars. :D