23 March 2011

My First Visit To Penang Hill (Part 2)

Here comes the second part of my first visit to Penang Hill, I was pretty much enjoy taking photos of the plants and birds around the garden while waiting for the transport to come and fetch me and my dad to the bottom of the hill.

Right after the function is over, I went around the garden and check out. Here are my photos of them.

The all time favourite parrot

Familirise this bird? HINT: It's famous from Sarawak.

This birdie is so hyperactive...

Rare plants collection, unfortunately I am not allowed to enter the site as this is only for invitation from the owner only.

Honestly, I am still in the learning process of sharpening my photography skills, personally I was satisfied with the photos that I took, but I sometimes felt disappointed for taking blurred photos too. It was not easy to get the best out from me, now I just need some time to master the skills first. But most importantly, Practice makes perfect! To my readers here, what do you think of my first timer photography? Please give some comments about the photos above, I would like to hear it from you. 

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  1. Those are the hornbills from Sarawak! :D Nice photos of the birds.

  2. The parrots look handsome. :)

    Aww...there is even a blue hornbill?

  3. @hilda: Thank you! I like that photo a lot! :D

    @Tekkaus: hehe! It sure is... btw which blue hornbill? beside one?