26 February 2011

Movie Premier + Supercars Convoy @ 1st Avenue!!! (Part 1)

This is the amazing story of mine ever witnessed in Penang. The story began when about 15 supercars including Ferrari, Porsche and a Lotus have made a convoy from KL to Penang, just to watch the premier screening by Nuffnang entitled "Drive Angry" starring Nicholas Cage at TGV Cinemas, 1st AvenueI am the one of the lucky bloggers to be invited for the screening. Thank you for the invites, Nuffnang! <3

I got 4 tickets for myself, but I believe there are some bloggers who also got 2 pairs of tickets as mine. Congratulations to them. The movie was amazing, although some scenes are clearly cut away because of erm... explicit scenes???  Argh! I will write the full review in my next blog post. Well, all I can say is that the movie was pretty good with some hot chicks around. Hehe! :P

My friends and I arrived at around 12.45pm. Before we were having lunch, we just went around the mall and searching for some nice and cheap food around. Our hopes were dashed as we initially wished to go have lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant, but as expected the place were full packed of people lining up waiting for their turn to be served with seats. *stomach growls~~~* No McD, KFC or Pizza Hut? Only Starbucks Coffee can silence my stomach... neh! A cup of coffee won't fully fill my empty stomach anyway, it can just make me stay awake, which is equivalent to a can of Red Bull + energy boost.

Without wasting much time, we finally ended up with the same old Old Town Restaurant, served by either Bangladesh or Myanmar waiters. I ordered a Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken. (no. 703 to be exact from the menu) This plate costs me RM7.90. 

After our lunch, I went outside the main door of the 1st Avenue and met up with 2 other coursemates from my college. Why are they here? Well, one of them is a sports car enthusiast, just like me. There was a convoy from KL coming their way here. But what kind? My first thought was the group of bloggers coming with their own national cars. If I came here to watch Proton or Perodua cars, I will surely faint on the spot. Make no mistake about it, people here are bored to watch the local cars parking on the sideways of the road. They wanted nice, super hot and sexy cars and their wish has been granted!

*VRRROOOOOOOMMM!!!* A loud engine sound was a music to me, it's an aeroplane, no it's a train, nah! It's the Ferraris and Porsches! OH YEAH! A true sports car heaven has came to life. Woohoo!

I was delighted as I get to make a lot of snapshots of the cars close up all the time. Check out my compliation of supercars photos:





















Here are my 20 photos of cool cars in the planet Earth! I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this post, but unfortunately I gotta make this post divided into two parts as this is quite a long story to tell. 

Coming up next, Movie Time! (Part 2)

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  1. nice one! :) passed my tickets to my parents coz I couldn't make it back to penang in time.

    Love the cars.

    You're a penangite bro?

    * isaactan.net *

  2. @Isaac Tan: erm.. sort of, cuz I am from Alor Setar studying here... hehe! :D

  3. very good.. have chance be the first to view drive angry.

  4. OMG, I'll faint on the spot! So many people were taking photos of the car and with the car too :P

  5. Wow...so many hot wheels over here. :)

  6. So the movie was pretty good because of the pretty hot chicks lar? :p

  7. and small world or sth -.-
    I'm from Alor Star too ><
    Nice shots on those carssss!!

  8. @nikel: Thank you! Have you watched this movie yet? :)

    @Hilda: Of course lah! Ferrari cars are the rare so better snap snap b4 you missed it. :D

    @Tekkaus: Ho ho! The hot chick, better known as Piper is almost as hot as Megan Fox. :D

    @Samantha: Alor Setar huh? Walau ehh~~ another kampung girl! Haha... Thank you for your praise. :D

  9. Pretty cars!~ Cant wait for the write up!
    Gosh wish I could have gotten all dressed up and fulfilled my GT queen fantasy lols....
    stupid fever -_-" had to miss friends wedding dinner sumore!

  10. @glo-w: haha... I think I got saw a post from you modelling as GT queen is it? :P

    no worries, you will heal soon! Take care! :D

  11. nice cars..i miss up this big event already :(((

  12. dang those cars!
    i want one too! :'(