24 February 2011

How The Houseflies "Make Love"

Today, I bring you the interesting part of my photography skills with my Nokia C6. My eyes were damn sharp until I spotted these "couples" doing eeeee (18SX) thing... *by the way, it's an insect referred by human terms* But I still feel interested in taking these tiny little insects enjoy doing what they do. Hahaha!

Here's a few photos of them:


For the second time of the week, I have won myself another invites from Nuffnang to watch Drive Angry at TGV Cinemas 1st Avenue, Penang. Whoa! That means I got 4 tickets with me now. But I believe some rare people got 4 tickets like me before, I don't feel overwhelmed as this was just a small prize. Fine! Just enjoy the movie then! Oh YEAH!

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  1. OMG! Why are you kacau-ing them mating? :p

  2. You really have sharp eyes, huh? :P and it is very rare to see insects like this *cough* intercourse! HAHA

    Wow 4 tickets?! So niceeee. Where did you get yr first two tickets, not from NN also meh?

  3. @tekkaus: shhh... I was just taking a peek of them doing... :P

    @hilda: haha, just a coincidence! btw, I got from NN then another one from NN Twitter... :P