16 January 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

A little bit of introduction of iPad:

iPads are today's most impressive tablet in the world created by Apple, where Uncle Steve gives the name. Now most of the iPad owners are impressed with it's new technology and super slim design. For more info, you can check out the Apple iPad website here. Most iPad users have bought it for a reason, they were made to play games, download apps, entertainment, Facebook and Twitter and many more.

Of all applications available on the Apps Store, there are still many users searching for the best free apps around. One day during my shower time, I have thought of an idea of making an iPad useful when an application is created solely for the people who want lifestyle convenience. When I get some feedback from some iPad user friends in Malaysia, I finally came up and idea on inventing my own iPad application, not just only for Maxis subscribers, probably my idea would be recognised to all the iPad users in the world. Hehe!

Here goes my presentation:

Ladies and gentlemen, in our today's lifestyle, normally when you go for shopping or buy some grocery that you need, the first thing that came up in your mind when you reached the store, "I had decided to come to this store to buy some goods for my family, but I have a budget. I am wondering is there any promotions or discounts on the store? Which one is the best to buy?" Even when you looked through the brochure for the "lowest price" from the major supermarkets, it would be a headache for you.

Filled with his or her doubt in their minds, they usually walked into the store to check out about any promotions or discounts available. After that, they would go for another store to check on the price to make some comparison. Their thoughts in the end, "Even though I have checked out the price at Store B, I feel that Store A gives the cheapest price and would like to go back there, but I only have limited amount of petrol which is enough to drive home."

Another situation faced by the people is that they would love to go for shopping at any shopping centres, but they found out that they are not sure whether the store has any promotions or discounts. Especially for the first timers, they would be hard to find the store even if the store directory was placed.

Too many doubts!

What is your best solution for these situation?

Now you got your iPad with you, together with an internet connection by Maxis, here comes the idea of inventing an application that is meant to solve your everyday shopping problem. Behold, the new face of iPad's shopping companion, "Storezing"!

"Storezing" is an application that can gives information and details related to shopping malls, grocery stores like Tesco or Giant, and even some local neighbourhood mini market that you can find. To do so, just get any of the product's barcode and key in the number into the iPad. The application then match the product's barcode with any stores available together with the selling price.

After the barcode number was input into the application, the end result was simply amazing. The product that you have key in has displayed the matching products with the price at any available stores.

Besides, you can also make a purchase on the items that you wanted to buy but it is not available in your country like Malaysia for example, you can opt to purchase using "Storezing" too. Powered with Paypal, and with just few clicks to make an easy and convenient transaction, you will get your favourite items to your doorstep in no time. Hopefully this "Storezing" may be cooperating with eBay or Amazon to achieve this kind of online marketing.

Not just only you can find the price tags on this apps, you can also check out some events info on the shopping malls where they usually conduct activities on stage, roadshows and fairs during weekends. For example, Queensbay Mall will organise a Mazda Roadshow within this weekends. So this should be useful when you open up your "Storezing" apps on your iPad in Queensbay Mall to find out more info about Mazda roadshow. Equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) on your iPad, it will automatically show your location of your position. The latest information of events and happenings will display on the screen provided when you are in that area.

Whenever you bring along with your iPad, "Storezing" will eventually guide you on every store that is available inside any shopping centers. Any promotions, discounts or stock clearance from the respective stores will be displayed on the application. This makes the users even more convenient to make a visit or doing purchases at the store without a hassle. What if you visit the shopping mall for the first time? No worries. "Storezing" will provide the shopping mall directory to the users so that they won't be feeling lost in the building itself.

As a conclusion, "Storezing" would be the one of the amazing application ideas that you should look out for. Convenient, easy and simple are the 3 main things about what the user truly wants.

Thank you for considering "Storezing".

So this is MY iPad iDea, what yours?


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For more information, check it out here!

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*The above post are strictly 100% from my idea, all of the photos are to be given credits to their respective owners/website.*

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