01 December 2010

Snowy December!

Ignore the mentioned title! Because for nearly 2 decades that I'm alive, Malaysia have never experience snow weather before. Damn right! I would also want to have snow weather here, but our Malaysia is located just above the equator line. The only thing that I know about the weather is: HOT! Yeah, not COOL at all I'm supposed!

Now comes the month of December! Hooray! But what am I going to do with my whole month of semester break? Hmm...

This month, I'm going to get the video done before January. As promised on My Videoshoot Debut, me and my friends here will announce the release date real soon. Don't worry! If the video is not in my blog here, then the video might be posted up on Youtube or sharing around through Facebook. In the end, the video from Youtube will be embedded here as well. Keep up to date for my video editing process ya! :)

Next, I would try searching around for some money and get it to save into my bank. Nowdays it's pretty hard for me to find a job. But there's a job which I have been doing for now, as a waiter at my mum's shop. I was thinking about doing a part time job in Penang but I can't find any, furthermore I didn't have any transportation to work. Bah! I don't like inconvenience of course. No car then how to work? No job then how could I earn money? That's the bottomline!

As of yesterday, I have just cashed out my Nuffnang earnings! Hooray! 30 days of processing is quite long for me to wait, but I can patiently wait for it to come. As long as I'm happy as a Nuffie user, I will always blog like mad! Wahaha! *my craziness have gone wild, just for now! xD*

Actually I didn't blog about my days in college last month, because I was exhausted while studying, or maybe my mood have brought down my passion on blogging for the moment, or possibly I felt lazy to blog it. Anyway, it's December folks! And here I am blogging... again... again... again... I'm feeling so high like a seasick! xD

My dear friend, Spongebob! Bahahaha~~~! xD

One last thing, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! Enjoy! :)

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  1. I don't think I want Malaysia to snow. Extreme weather change like is definitely not good. It might even mark the end of the world!! hehe. besides, it would rid me of one excuse to go overseas XD

    enjoy your holidays!