11 December 2010

Do Not Suicide!

***This is my personal opinion only! In this post there might have offensive comments on that particular person that could hurt others such as family, friends or relatives. Readers please be advised.***

Recently, when I opened up my Facebook account, most of the youngsters in Malaysia have view into the profile named Alviss Kong (deceased). Why is it so concerning about him? From his wall on the profile, he had written his last words before suiciding from 14th floor of his apartment building.

At first, everyone thought he was just playing prank, but things really do happen in the end. Sadly, the biggest reason he suicide because he have broke up with his girlfriend when they were together for only 4 months! But wait a minute, you only think about your GF but never thought about your family? This is bullshit! What the hell are you thinking at first? Suicide is your primary solution? Yes, he have done it.

I was in deep anger on this fellow, he should stop thinking about his GF and move on with the rest of his life. There's tons of girls out there, but why her? What's so special about her anyway? Finally, he had chosen his final path, suicide death! My mind really cannot stop replaying on how that person suicides. So you think, "Hey! I'm going to die. Bye bye!" on FB makes your life at ease? Stop this freaking thoughts RIGHT NOW! Suicide does not bring you happiness, it brings you to hurt someone that loved you and also can cause miserable memories on them.

You see, everyone was concerning about you! Your family, friends, close friends, best friends, relatives and so on, especially your own GF, even every single people out there will not forget about you when you are gone forever. I really don't understand what you have gone through, but I am not you.  

This guy here has followed a trend by another suicide for the same personal reason, Chan Shao Peng (deceased) who was born in Alor Setar, had inhaled carbon monoxide toxic while he was in the car months ago. FYI, he's a student in Penang and one of my friend told me that he passed away. Actually, I didn't know who he was but as a fellow Alor Setar people, I feel sad to know that he's gone.

Same case as Alviss Kong here, he broke up with his GF too. Both of them have the common, but both of their relationship duration was different, and also their way of suicide. You know, they both have ended their lives just for a brainless reason. What a pity!

In my opinion, we should keep an eye of possible suicide threat made on wall posts by any person. I suggest that anyone find anything suspicious on writing their so-called "last words" on Facebook should alert the authorities to prevent them from happening. But once the authorities tracked down the address of the person, it might be too late. I really hope everyone not to think about anything that might make you suffer until the road you chose makes your future fade away.

My advice: Suicide sucks! Think before you commit!

Rest In Peace to both of you...


  1. I felt terribly sorry for his family. :(

  2. I hope they rip bt to odes out there who even tink of suicide, pls reconsider. Killing urself won't solve anything. Instead it will br misery to ur family or anyone that loves u. Even if u said u got no family or anyone to love u, life is a journey. There will def b frenz or somebody out there :)